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    Welcome to Lise's Nursing home page! These pages are really designed with nurses in mind, however, others may find these sites very helpful.

  • Louise of Savoy
    Known for: her influence on her son, Francis I of France, and her education of her daughter, Marguerite of Navarre

  • Madonna of the Onion
    She was named "Madonna of the Onion" by colleagues because her description of the nucleus structure as a series of concentric shells resembled the layers of an onion.

  • Marcus Garvey Library
    The work and philosophy of The Right Excellent Dr. Marcus Mosiah Garvey represents many things to many people. Whatever people may think of him or his efforts for the race, Dr. Garvey had: "One God", "One Aim", "One Destiny" for his life. That aim was the "Redemption of Africa". To that he subsumed everything, even his personal life.

  • Marine Corps Community Services
    Marine Corps Community Services aboard MCAS Cherry Point, NC! Our sole mission is to enhance the "Quality of Life" for our Marines, Sailors & their families.

  • Midwifery
    This site is dedicated to all of the women who have dreamed midwife's dreams. Dreams of women peacefully caring for themselves and one another.

  • Northern Volunteer Nurses of America's Civil War
    A cadre of dedicated Northern women from all walks of life traveled to the charnel houses of the Civil War to care for the sick and wounded.

    Nurses R.N. L.P.N. C.N.A. Nursing Assistants All Welcome... Jokes from nurses for nurses about nursing.

  • Nurse Database

  • Nurse List

  • Nurse Taline
    "Nursing and dancing"

  • Nurses are Angels
    From the time I was a little girl, all I can ever remember wanting to be was a nurse.

  • Nursespage
    Nursespage is an online community that caters to the nursing profession as well as the nurses’ personal lifestyle, including hobbies and business adventures within and outside of nursing.

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