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  • Ask Your Midwife
    Advice on pregnancy, childbirth, STDs, infertility and gynecology with articles and discussion boards, moderated by Elizabeth Stein, a certified nurse midwife in New York City.

    Equipment for homebirth midwives, including birthkits, birthing supplies, videos, books, and miscellaneous baby products, including fetoscopes.

  • Cassandra Garcia
    Protocols for midwives prepared by a midwife and legal nurse consultant. Service details, pricing, and curriculum vitae.

  • Gentle Birth
    Collection of midwifery articles and resources and links to online research articles. Detailed aspects of pregnancy and childbirth and a perspective on homebirth. Northern California resources and services for midwives and expectant mothers, and notes for midwives.

  • Intermid
    A specialist site from the publishers of the British Journal of Midwifery. Includes a library and archives, the history, editorial and news and the profession.

  • Midwife's Dream
    Collection of articles and links from Midge Jolly, midwife.

  • MidwifeInfo
    Provides resources to midwives, students and consumers. Includes a glossary, database of midwives, conference information and a forum.

  • Midwifery Information
    Clarifies what a midwife is, does, and the different types. It provides helpful questions to ask your provider and answers FAQs.

  • Midwifery Resources
    Includes FAQS, bulletin board, chat, vast resource of links, visitor pregnancy albums. Maintained by a registered midwife.

  • Midwifery Today Articles
    Learn about pregnancy, birth, midwifery, herbs, drugs and alternative medicine.

  • On-Line Birth Center
    Resources for midwives, nurses, doulas, childbirth educators, doctors, and parents.

  • Waterbirth International
    Find a midwife with the International Waterbirth Referral Service. A resource for information and waterbirth products. Birth tub rentals, sales, and conference information.

  • With Woman School of Midwifery
    Workshops in beginning midwifery and clinical skills needed for doulas, childbirth educators, and apprentices.