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  • Children's Hospice International
    Provides a network of support and care for children with life-threatening conditions and their families. Membership information, publications, guidelines for how to tell children and discussion board.

  • Crossing the Creek
    A practical guide to dying process for the dying and caregivers, written by a nurse. Explains normal changes, interventions and the work of dying.

  • Growth House
    Resources for bereavement and grief, death and dying, death with dignity, euthanasia, hospice, palliative care, suicide, terminal illness, AIDS, HIV, and related topics.

  • Hospice Care Ring
    A place for hospice workers, caregivers, and people who know first hand about grief and healing to come together to share ideas, and help each other.

  • Hospice Nursing Jobs
    Find and apply online for hospice nursing jobs.

  • Symptoms in Terminal Illness
    Transcript from a research workshop which offers articles, definitions and issues at the end of life.

  • Tennessee End of Life Partnership
    A nonprofit organization, aiming at continually defining and promoting optimum practices in end of life care. Offers membership information, updates and related links.