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  • Congregational Health Ministry and Parish Nursing
    Describes congregational health ministry and the role of the parish nurse, as seen by the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. Also offers resources, and a list of associations.

  • Health Ministries USA: Parish Nursing
    Thorough description of parish nursing, along with tips for congregations considering a health ministry. Also offers a discussion board, and links to training programs.

  • Jane's Place on the Web
    Explains parish nursing, a community nursing specialty which promotes health, wellness and healing with a spiritual focus.

  • Nurses Christian Fellowship
    Professional organization and ministry which strives to bring a Christian outlook to nursing education and practice. Contact information, resources and calendar of events.

  • Parish Nurse Center
    Carroll College in Helena, Montana. Contains background, supporters, getting started, conferences, resources and continuing education.

  • Parish Nurse Jobs
    Find and register for parish nursing jobs.

  • Parish Nursing Forum
    Includes resources, calendar, links and a discussion board (registration required for board). Sponsored by The Catholic Health Association of the United States.

  • Parish Nursing Health Information Resources
    Several relevant articles, including an overview of the profession, and methods for beginning a health ministry program.

    Description and philosophy of parish nursing, along with upcoming training opportunities.